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Vohringer Ply Colours

Calypso Campers UK - Puntinella/Light trim Kitchen unit Puntinella/Light Grey trim Calypso Campers UK - American Cherry/Dark trim Kitchen unit American Cherry/Dark Grey Trim

Calypso Campers UK - Graffiti Blue/Light trim Kitchen unit Graffiti Blue/Light Grey trim Calypso Campers UK - Graffiti Grey/Light trim Kitchen unit Graffiti Grey/Light Grey trim

Calypso Campers UK - Graffiti Grey/Dark trim Kitchen unit Grafitti Grey/Dark Grey trim Calypso Campers UK - Light Carbon/Silver trim Kitchen unit Light Carbon/Silver trim

It's often difficult to imagine what your new units will look like when choosing from a small sample so I hope these pictures from completed refits give you a better idea of what your units will look like in the high quality Vohringer ply you choose.